About your Visit

Running late?

Please arrive for your scheduled appointment on time. If you are late for your scheduled appointment, we will make every effort to accommodate you. However, please understand that we do not want to rush a process and strive to give every client our full attention.


If you must cancel your appointment, we ask that you do so at least 24 hours in advance so that we may accommodate another client who may be waiting for that desired appointment time. Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice may be charged a cancellation fee of up to 50% of scheduled services.

Who us? Late?

We apologize ahead of time, because we too run late at times. At Maxwell Salon, our goal is to service our client to the best of our ability and we do not sacrifice the creative aesthetic or quality of our craft.


In order to promote a relaxing and enjoyable experience for everyone, we have a few policies in regard to children in the salon.  During your service, you will be unable to attend to all of your child’s needs; stopping your service provider so that you can attend to your child distracts us from doing our best work for you. We ask that if you are unable to find childcare during your appointment, your child MUST be able to quietly attend to themselves for the duration of the service. Children under the age of 6 are considered too young to be able to attend to themselves, and must be attended by an adult who is not receiving services. In the event that you arrive for your appointment with a child who is unable to quietly attend to themselves, we may ask you to reschdule.

*Babies in arms is STRICTLY prohibited at Maxwell Salon, as it is very dangerous for your child to be in the chair while you are receiving services.

Level One Stylists

At Maxwell Salon, we have different levels of stylists, all of whom are striving for greatness. If you are making an appointment with a level one stylist, please be advised, a level one stylist at Maxwell Salon is described as follows:

This stylist is licensed and capable of performing the service you are scheduled for, but is not yet at the same skill level as higher-level stylists at our salon, and should not be expected to perform as such.

*Level one pricing has been adjusted to reflect skill level.

Payment Methods

For payment of services we accept VISA, MasterCard, personal check, and cash.

Our Ultimate Goal

Each appointment will begin with a consultation. Your service provider will talk with you to learn what you are looking for from your experience. We listen to your needs and design the service to compliment your lifestyle. Pictures are often helpful, however, please understand if your stylist tells you it will look different on you or it can’t be done. We strive to give you reasonable expectations.

Your happiness is always our ultimate goal. If you are ever dissatified with your service, please be sure to let us know. Most often, it’s a simple miscommunication that leads to a service being different from what was expected. All of our stylists are highly trained, and able to correct any issues that may arise.

Please be aware, we typically do not give refunds for services, however, we are more than happy to fix the problem for you.